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  1. To Record to DV Deck
  2. Turn on Steenbeck

Turn on Master Power on buttonTurn on all buttons but leave "AMP" Off

  1. Turn on TBC or time base corrector

  1. Turn on Monitor
  2. Load the film on the Steenbeck. (see picture below
  3. Don't use metal split reels on the plate because it will chip the plate and metal particles will scratch the film and ruin it. Take the plastic core with the film wound on it out of the split reel and load it on to the plate as shown below.

  1. Thread the film

Press these buttons to open the threading mechanism to load the film on to the sprockets of the viewing glass

  1. On Put the Gain and White Balance in AUTO

  1. To Focus the image use this control lever

  1. This knob will adjust the picture up and down

  1. Turn on SONY DSR-11 DV deck
  2. Make sure input is set to VIDEO on the INPUT SELECT switch on deck

  1. Press RECORD and PLAY to record
  2. Rewind and press PLAY to check for accurate recording
  3. Turn off when finished

  1. Report Problems to Susanne Kraft 232-6486 CMB 4.113