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During add/drop and up until the 5th class day, you do not have any control over who gets into your class (unless they're grad students and exchange students). With that in mind, the best advice you can give to a student is to continue to monitor the live course schedule; there’s always the possibility that seats open and/or restrictions are lifted over the next couple days.  

The only populations who are exempt from waiting until the 5th class day are graduate students and exchange students. If you are contacted by either of these populations and wish to accommodate, just have them bring you the proper form to be signed:


First 4 class days  Online Registration Only 

  • Students are able to add/drop classes ONLINE (assuming there are open seats and/or the course isn't restricted to them); waitlists (if applicable) are still active and running.  
  • No late adds during this period.  Please DO NOT email permissions to advisors or refer students to Student Advising to add or switch a class.  Students wishing to add during the first four class days should be directed to the online registration system.  If the course is not accessable to add online (due to restrictions, or it being closed, or whatever…), they'll need to wait until the 5th class day (Tuesday, Sept. 1st) to potentially add the class (see policy below).


5th to 12th class days - Late Add Registration 

  • Online registration is closed and waitlists are no longer active/relevant.  Students must pick up Late Add Form from Student Advising (BMC 2.600) and obtain instructor consent.  Form & signature are required, i.e., no email permissions.  Students must return form to Student Advising (and be present) to be officially added.
  • Approving a late add for a closed class will raise your seat count by one.  Please be aware of classroom size, and do not allow late adds if a student has missed too much work or the classroom doesn't have enough resources; Just say NO!


For more information on the status/enrollment of your course:

  • Check the course schedule to see current status (open/closed, restricted, waitlisted, etc).  
  • Check CLIPS for detailed class information and rosters; this will likely dictate whether you will want to entertain late adds.


FYI: Some students may be planning to attend the first day of classes (without being officially enrolled) in hopes of doing a late add on the 5th class day.  If you have no intention of allowing late adds, please notify these students so they can move on…If you are considering late adds, please allow these students to attend the first class meeting.


After the 12th class day

Except for special circumstances, students should not be encouraged or allowed to add a course after 12th class day.  If a special circumstance arises, please contact an RTF advisor in Student Advising.


You should not be surprised to see new faces in your classes during the first four days of the fall semester. It is incumbent upon a student to contact you and their classmates about missed lectures, handouts, and work from the first class days.