Power cycling the TV switcher rack takes several minutes. If you have to move or power cycle the rolling TV switcher from BMC2.106BA, reset the following:

AJA Ki Pro

  1. In the Ki-Pro, click Config > Menu 2.1 Video Input = HDMI
  2. In the Ki-Pro, click Config > Menu 2.2 Audio Input = HDMI
  3. In the Ki-Pro, click Media > Menu 14.1 Record Type = set recording quality desired


CodecBitrateHours @ 250GB Harddrive
ProRes 422 HQ220Mb/s2 Hours
ProRes 422140Mb/s2-3/4 hours
ProRes 422 LT100Mb/s4-1/4 hours
ProRes 422 PX45Mb/s9 hours


Aja FS2

These settings should stay set during a power outage. However, if they need to be reset, these are the settings.

This device serves 3 purposes:

  • PGM Audio embedder - combines Switcher PGM SDI via Input 1A with analog audio from Beringer rack mixer to output on HDMI
  • Down Convert Embedded Program to SDI (FS2 output 2B feeds Composite Video to jackpanel)
  • HDMI Aux in converter to HDSDI - jackpanel HDMI in comes in to Switcher input 12 via FS2 SDI output 1A
FS2 ConnectionFunctionCable #
SDI In 2Bnonenone
HDMI InConvert Jackpanel Aux HDMI In to SDI Switcher Input 12DV8202
SDI Out 1AConverted Jackpanel Aux HDMI In to SDI Switcher Input 12DV8012
SDI Out 2BEmbedded HDSDI PGM video on JackpanelDV8221
HDMIEmbedded HDMI PGM to HDMI 1x4 DA to recording DevicesDV8223


FS2 Menu settings should be:

  • SDI1 Out = Processor1
  • SDI2 Out = Processor2
  • HDMI Output = Processor2
  • Input 1 = HDMI
  • Input 2 = SDI1
  • HDMI Audio Out = Ch1-8
  • AES-EBU = Processor1
  • Analog Audio Out = Ch1-8
  • Audio1 (button) embedded audio out = off
  • Audio1 (button) audio input = analog
  • Audio2 (button) embedded audio out = on
  • Audio2 (button) audio input = analog




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