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Log In to Usher

Go to and log in.

In the section labeled One Time Event Scheduling, use the drop-down list under ‘I Know the room I want’, and select a room from the list.  Click Check Availability. For our example, we will choose room CMB 4.122.

Locate an Available Day and Time

You should see the selected room’s calendar for the current week  (calendar weeks always begin on a Sunday). 

HINT: If you wish to reserve a room for a time beyond the current week, click the arrow button near the top right of the screen to view upcoming weeks.

Request a Time Slot

Once you have located the desired week, review the available times (time slots already booked will be shown in blue). 

Use your cursor to click and drag down to highlight your desired time slot.  Release the mouse and the system will check your request for validity. 

HINT: some rooms may have limits on the maximum meeting length; also, you may not request a time slot spanning two days on the calendar.

If valid, the requested date and start/end times will be filled in for you.  If not valid, you will see an alert and can attempt another date and/or start/end time.

Your name and contact information will be filled in automatically.  If you are requesting the room on behalf of someone else, enter their name, email and phone number as appropriate.  Fill in the remainder of the required fields on the request form; fields marked with a red asterisk are required.  You may also use the form fields to enter additional notes about the event, as well as any notes to the room owner regarding special needs for the room, such as additional AV support or whether there will be food served.

If an account number is required, please enter the 10-digit number without hyphens in the account number field.

Click Continue when ready to proceed.

Schedule the Event

Review the details of the room and your request to make sure they are correct.  You will be asked to abide by the stated room policies.  If you previously entered another contact, you will see both your contact info and theirs. 

Check the box at the bottom of the screen signifying that you agree to the policies, and click Request It.

If you want to change rooms or anything else about the request, click Change Request instead.  You will return to the previous screen to start over.

You must also check the confirmation boxes about the reservation policies and set construction if you are trying to reserve a studio. Then you can submit your request.

Review the Request Details

Your confirmation screen will be displayed with the room and request details.  An email will be sent to you with the request details.  Click View Map to locate the room within its building if you are unfamiliar with its location.

Moderated Rooms

If the room is moderated by a room owner, the request will be emailed to them as well, and they will respond to you via email to let you know whether your request has been accepted.  They may also propose another time, in case the room is unavailable at your requested time for that day.  From here on, all communication about the room will be done via your email.

Auto-Accept Rooms

Some rooms are set to auto-accept; in this case, if your room request meets certain requirements for advance requests and meeting duration, your confirmation email will tell you that your event has been accepted.  If you had not met the room's scheduling requirements, you would have been informed of this while making the request.

Look Up your Meeting (optional)

At any time after the request, you may return to the Main Menu, request the room as before (using "I Know the Room I Want") and locate your event in the calendar to verify that the event title, date and time are correct.  This event can also be viewed by any of your expected attendees to check the event location and time.

When done, you may click on the breadcrumbs above the calendar, the Home icon or simply log out using the button at top right.