How to load a lower third graphic into the Ross Crossover switcher.

This document assumes you have already created your lower third graphic.  If you have not done so, refer to 'How to Modify a Lower Third template with Adobe Photoshop'.

Your graphic must be in Targa file format with ".tga" as the extension.

Copy your graphic to a USB flash drive.

This should be a USB that you're going to leave with the switcher for the duration of your program.

Make sure that you copy your file to the root level of the USB drive, with few other files on it.  This will make it much easier to find later.

Protip:  Your USB drive must be in MS-DOS (FAT32) format.  To check, right click on your USB flash drive, and select 'Get Info'. 

In the information window, the Format should be MS-DOS (FAT 32).

After your graphic file has been copied to the USB drive, eject the Flash drive.

Access the crossover control unit by removing the protective cover on the front of the unit.  The black handles release the cover.

On the right-hand side of the unit, around the corner from the power switch is a USB port. 

Insert your USB drive into the USB port.

On the Crossover switcher, press the M1 button to load an image into memory.

We want the switcher to look on the USB drive for the still, if the display of the switcher reads 'Internal (0)', press the first knob directly below in. 

Turn the  knob until the readout says 'USB(1)'.  Press it in to select the USB drive.

The < . . > USB(1) dialogue means that we are browsing the USB drive.

Turn the knob to navigate through your USB drive until you find your graphic.  When you find it, push in on the knob.

In the Transition area of the switcher control panel, press Key 3.

the Key Type and Key Select buttons should have AUTO SEL and KEY 3 SEL illuminated. If they aren't, press them.

Next, select M 1 on the key bus.

If your graphic was created with an alpha channel, you should see it keyed over the background video in the Preview Monitor. If it was created as a full-page graphic, that's what you'll see on Preview.

If you don't see your graphic see this wiki for key routing information.
The Preview monitor is the one that says "PV".

As long as M1 is selected from the Key/Aux panel, the graphic will stay loaded, and will be on the Preview monitor.

If you want to remove the graphic from on screen, on the Key/Aux panel, select 'Black/Matte' to clear any graphic.