Do not do this unless you have locked up the switcher.

Do these steps:

Ross reset

Menu>Reset>Next>Factory Reset>Push the button>Confirm>

If that does not work do this next

Go into the production control room behind the CMB Proctor desk

Find the Ross Crossover Switcher

Press in towards the middle of the rack the two black tabs to open

the fron

Turn off the power button here.

Wait about 3 minutes and turn on

Then it'll take about 5 or more minutes to boot up

Then you will have to do the

Studio 4A – Ross Switcher – Audio N – Pass Setup

Ross Crossover Switcher - N Pass setup
You  then need to set the switcher to External SyncRoss Crossover Switcher - How to set to External Sync
Need to check the Crosspoint Routing and Shift Crosspoint Routing

Ross Crossover Switcher - How to Check and Set the Crosspoints and Set Correctly

Then you must set the Alpha channel for the CG up again. Ross - Crossover Switcher - How to fix the Character Generator or Ross XPressions Alpha Chanel
You must also set the Chroma Key channel again. Ross - Crossover Switcher - Chroma Key settings
Set the Frame Sync for the Remote CameraRoss Crossover Switcher - How to Fix a Sync Line in Remote Camera Input or Frame Sync the Input
How to set the key and dissolve transitionsRoss - Crossover Switcher - How to set the Key Transition Durations Cuts