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Click Menu to access the Record Formats

Click on REC FORMAT and choose HDV 1080i

Note that there is a choice between HDV 1080i and DV. Choose 1080i for HDV recording.

One menu line item down choose HDV Progressive to set up HDV recording type.
This is the very important step as we need to make sure we choose the correct progressive recording setting.

This is the important setting!! Make sure you choose INTERLACE unless you are recording to a compact flash card. If you are recording to a tape choose INTERLACE as our Sony decks won’t play your tape unless you choose the INTERLACE setting

Scan type doesn’t matter do some tests to see the different looks.

To record to the card insert the card in the card slot and record on the camera should record on the card as well. Or just hit record on the card attachment and will commence recording on the card.