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AVID XDCAM – EX workflow


Or checkout a cardreader from checkout and connect it via USB to your laptop.

  • Back up the entire SXS card to two different hard drives.  There is a folder on each SXS card named BPAV. To back up the BPAV folder and it's contents, drag via finder to a folder on your backup drives.  


  • The idea is to come up with a naming convention that illustrates the date of the shoot and card#. Make those folders PRIOR TO SHOOTING DAY on the 1st back up drive.


  • Then load the BPAV folder into each folder that pertains to the card just recorded.  


  • Back up to "Main Backup Hard Drive" something like this type of file structure:     Notice that each "Day" of shooting has several "Card Folders" and within each folder there is a BPAV folder. . .Don't change the file structure when backing up cards keep all the files w/in the "BPAV" folder.


  • Keep the file structure intact per this example:

To View the backed up card data to verify video and audio launch
The next step is to mount the card by inserting it into the SXS card reader. Open up the XDCAM EX Clip Browser

May have to open a new "Explorer Window" then navigate to the SXS card media. Will usually load itself but may have to navigate to a folder containing the files if not using the SXS card and using a hard drive.

In the Explorer Window navigate to the location of the files

This helpsheet is only to be used to verify your media out in the field. AVID is not installed on the laptops from checkout. The next step will be to use this workflow to consollidate your files into a AVID Project.  Use this helpsheet.

AVID - Sony XDCAM - EX Project Setup

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