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The Sound Devices 702T is a lightweight but robust professional 2-channel Compact Flash field recorder that advances the possibilities of location recording while remaining surprisingly affordable. The 702T features high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz recording, a built-in Time Code reader and writer with full frame rate support, MP3 file playback, a FireWire port, full AES3 digital recording and playback with dedicated digital metering, dedicated function LED indicators, and comprehensive transport and level control, expressed in a compact unit barely 8" in width. 

Manual: 702_en.pdf

Setup for Film: How to set the 744T for TRUE 24 (not 23.98) frame recording of video or Film

Setup for Video: How to set up the 702T or the 744T for Double System Recording for VIDEO

Connecting to a computer: Connecting a Sound Devices 702T or 744T Digital Audio Recorder to a computer

Battery help: Which Battery do I Need