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How to use the Movieola
•Turn on Movieola but switching on the power switch in the back

• The 3 sections are for Picture and 2 tracks of sound

•To Thread the film flip up these flippers thread the film

• This is the thread path for the film. Thread the film and mag like this. After the film is threaded make sure to close the flippers so that the film is held in place.

• Turn on the torque switches to tighten the film to the playheads.

Turn on Master Power and leave knob set to BOTH ON

• To monitor audio tracks turn up the Sound 1 and Sound 2 faders.
• To adjust the screen brightness flip switch Up for Bright, Middle is off and Down is Normal.

• The knob under the viewing screen controls the image placement.
• Turn the knob to move the image up and down in the screen.
• This is the Focus control. Adjust this to focus the image in the viewing screen.