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If the student is an immediate threat to her/himself, others, or property, please first call UTPD at 911.

If you have concerns about a student’s behavior or state of mind, please call UT’s Behavior Concerns Advice Line (BCAL) at 512-232-5050 (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week).  You may also send them a note via their website:  You may opt to remain anonymous if you make the report via phone versus the online form.  


Reasons to call BCAL:

 To notify staff who work in tandem with other offices on campus to assist students in a comprehensive way

 To get the advice you need about how to work with the student(s)

 To reduce any liability/responsibility you may hold if the behavior isn’t reported


 If the student is an immediate threat to her/himself, others, or property, please first call UTPD at 911.

 If this is a student emergency that doesn’t fit the above criteria, please call Student Emergency Services at 512-471-5017


Each of these offices work together to respond to student incidents and behavior concerns, so any number you call will be OK.  The main point is to contact someone!

Once you have contacted BCAL, Student Emergency Services, and/or UTPD, please call the RTF office at 512-471-4071 so we can alert relevant College and Department staff/faculty.  We will protect confidentiality.


Note: concerns about a student should never be included in an email, as it's not considered a secure medium and confidentiality can accidentally be compromised.  



Students may contact either of the following for counseling:




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