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These reports are broad observations of the instructor's effectiveness as a teacher at the graduate and/or undergraduate levels by those faculty members conducting the in-class observations. The reports should cover such elements as presentation, course content, organization, clarity of written materials, rigor and fairness of written examinations, appropriateness of methodology, and student outcomes.

The conducting of these reviews is now part of the annual evaluation of service for each faculty member, and are a standard part of each member's role in the department.



  1. Number and title of course observed
  2. Date of report
  3. Date of classroom observation
  4. Date on which the observation was discussed with the candidate
  5. Name and signature of observer(s)
  6. Description of methods by which instructor engages students in learning
  7. Constructive feedback for areas needing improvement (the university review committee will look for this in all promotion cases - both to associate and full - for any instructors who've had weak or average teaching scores).

General Guidelines