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Trouble logging in?

In order to log in you must:
1. Be registered in certain RTF production classes that have equipment assigned to them.

2. Have signed the current semester copy of Equipment Checkout Rules and the Liability form. You must do this every semester.

3. Passed the quiz on the “Rules”. You must do this every semester.

If you are certain you have completed all of the above the problem could be your eid. The eid and the eid password are case sensitive. Try entering them in all lower case. If that does not solve the problem, call Equipment Checkout, 512-471-6565.

Cannot see the entire calendar or all of the time slots?
This happens using Internet Explorer and sometimes using Safari. The recommended browser is Chrome.  Firefox usually works also.

Cannot find equipment?
If you tried a generic search such as “camera” and cannot find what you want, try a more specific search. For example, “F5”, “Bolex” “Arri”.

Spaces and hyphens are important. If you are looking for a CP-16 camera and you type CP16 or CP 16 it will not come up.  Try different variations of the search term until you figure out what we have titled an item. If you can’t find something, you can phone us at 512-471-6565 or send email to

Thought you had a reservation but you cannot find it?
If you did not receive a message saying "Reservation was saved successfully. An email has been sent to the patron." You did not create a reservation.

When you have finished adding equipment to your reservation, click the shopping cart in the upper right corner or the box in the lower right corner that says “Proceed to Checkout”.  Then, follow through the remaining screens until you get to the confirmation screen.

Again, YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED YOUR RESERVATION UNTIL YOU GET TO THE CONFIRMATION PAGE, which will say "Your reservation was successful. Your confirmation details are listed below. You can visit your reservation history at any time to review or cancel items." An email will be sent to whatever email address you have in the U.T. directory. Please keep your directory email address updated.

You do have a reservation but did not receive an email.
Perhaps your email address in the directory is an old email address that you no longer check and that is where the email was sent.  To update your email address, visit the UT Direct page.

You are “not in the correct group”…or you cannot find an item that you think you should be able to find.
If you think you should be able to reserve this item, call 512-471-6565 and speak with Linda or Lauren about it.

You want to add a few items to an existing reservation?
You cannot add to an existing reservation if you are within 24 hours of your checkout, but you can create a new reservation for just the new items.

You want to delete items from your reservation.
You can delete items from your reservation up until 24 hours before your checkout. If it is less than 24 hours, Equipment Checkout staff must remove the item. Give us a call at 512-471-6565.

How to delete
Log on.
Click the RTF Equipment Checkout Icon
Click the "Reservation History" icon
Click on the reservation number (left column)
When your reservation opens, look at the column “Cancel” second column from the right.
Click “cancel item” on the item(s) you wish to cancel.

You need to return your reservation earlier than you have scheduled
Phone Equipment Checkout 512-471-6565 and schedule a new check-in date and time. There is nothing you can do in the reservation system to change date and time.

You need to keep equipment longer than you had planned.

By their nature, "extensions" of equipment can be complicated. We realize that at times it will be convenient for a student to keep UP TO 20 ITEMS  of equipment for a day or two longer rather than scheduling a new checkout and checkin. We realize that actors get sick and interview subjects cancel on you. "Extensions" can save us time as well. However, they can deprive other students of equipment. Here is the way to request an "extension" of your checkout.

A. Send email to as soon as you know that you need an extension BUT no fewer than 24 hours before your scheduled checkin. Requests for extensions with less than 24 hours notice are not likely to be approved. Extension requests must be in writing.

B. In your email state the reason for the extension, the date and time you propose extending to, and which 20 items you wish to extend

C. You will receive an email response approving or denying your extension. If you do not receive a reply, your equipment is due back as scheduled.

D. Keep in mind that some items may have been previously reserved and may not be able to be "extended".

E. "Extensions" may not be longer than 48 hours beyond the original due date.

F. Back-to-back extensions will rarely be approved.

G. If the extension is approved, you will receive an email stating which of your items CAN be extended and which CANNOT be extended.  If some or all of your equipment CANNOT be extended, any items which CANNOT be extended will be due back at the original time. If you do not return items as scheduled they will be considered late and late fines will apply. You could also be subject to disciplinary action from the Dean of Students for “Scholastic Dishonesty” because you are hindering another student from completing their course work.

You forgot exactly what you have reserved.
Log on and Click the RTF Equipment Checkout Icon
Click the "Reservation History" icon
Click on the reservation number (left column)

You want the same exact piece of equipment you used on a previous shoot.
Log on and Click the RTF Equipment Checkout Icon
Click the "Reservation History" icon
Click on the reservation number of the reservation you'd like to see (left column)
You can see which items you have used in the past.

You want to see a description of an item.
Click on the white carrot next to the item (this symbol >)  This can only be done in the "Create a Reservation" section or the "Reservation History" section

Why are there no pictures?
There are photos associated with some items.  Click on the carrot symbol to the left of the item title to get more info about the item.  If there is a photo associated with the item, it will show up here.  We are working on adding photos to each item, but it will be a lengthy process. There are quite a few items in the reservation system.  In the mean time, you can follow this link to see photos: RTF Equipment Reference Page.

Revised 8/18/15