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How to use the USB recorder in the 4.140 Radio Room


This helpsheet discusses how to use the RM3 Professional Digital Recorder iKey Audio labeled 'USB Recorder' in the CMA 4.140 Radio Room.


Log into the Mac partition of the iMac with your EID.
go to the Motu Audio Setup and make sure the settings are correct
General settings

These are the correct settings for Audio Input and Output


Make sure set to Analog 1-2 on Input and Output

Go to the System Prefs and make sure the sound Output is set to the Motu 828Mk3 Hybrid USB
Same with the Input
Launch the Application Adobe Audition.

Go to the >Adobe > Preferences and check the Audio Hardware make sure it is set to the MOTU FOR THE DEFAULT INPUT AND OUTPUT


Next check the Audio Channel Mapping Make sure it is set to


MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid Analog 1 and Analog 2 Input


Output should be set to

MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid Analog 1 and Analog 6 Output


The USB recorder will record from the any source in the Radio Room to a USB flash drive or SD card.



1. Insert your USB drive into the USB slot.

Alternatively, to connect an SD card, gently push the card completely in the slot until it clicks into place. To remove the card, slightly push the bottom of the card.



Before recording, push the FORMAT/STEREO-MONO button down to alternate between bit rate formats.

We recommend using 256kbps MP3 for transcription/analysis.

We recommend using 44.1kHz WAV for editing/production.

2. Turn the microphones on that you wish to record from.  If you are only recording yourself, use the Mic 1.

The ON button should be lit up, and the slider moved approximately half way up.

3. Push the Red record button on the USB recorder.  You should see a paused icon appear on the tiny screen with '0:00'


4. Now is the time to adjust your levels.  Practice your recording and adjust the slider for the appropriate microphone until the levels average about 2/3 of the way up on the tiny screen.   
This step has the most impact on the quality of your recording.  Make sure that your audio levels are never too high to go off the chart or too low as to barely register.  Notice the little triangle that marks the 'sweet spot.'

5.  Push the Red record button again to begin your recording.  If the numbers are increasing, you are recording. Also, a light will flash below the record button to indicate that the unit is recording.

6.  Push the Stop button to stop your recording. This recording will be saved as a unique file on your storage device.

Files that were recorded by the iKEY M3 are named according to the format of the file and are numbered according to the sequence in which they were recorded. For instance, iKEY_001.MP3, iKEY_001.WAV, iKEY_002.MP3, etc.

To make another recording, repeat steps 3 to 6.




1. On the sound board, turn off the Mic.  

Press the ON button for the USB recorder on & move the slider up.

2.  Press Play on the USB recorder.  It will automatically play your last recording.  

If you would like to select a previous recording, press Stop.  

The dial next to the Stop button will allow you to navigate your USB drive to select a different recording.  Stop will move up a directory, and Play will select the file that you currently have selected.


If you do not hear audio:

  • Make sure that the Talkback mic is turned off. 
  • Ensure that the  "PGM" (for program) button is turned on for the Monitor.
  • Turn up the volume on the Monitor knob.


When you are done playing your recording, press stop on the USB player, and gently pull your USB drive from the recorder.




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