The College of Communication offers video conferencing via a Cisco Telepresence, which is a mobile unit that can be setup in any room with an electrical outlet and an open internet port. Since the unit can not authenticate itself on the University's Public Network Access (PNA) you must plug the ethernet cable into a port that is "open" to the outside internet.  The Burson conference room (CMA4.128) and the Lady Bird Johnson room (CMA5.160) are set up for video conferencing and are the typical rooms used for video conferencing.    The unit is an IP address based unit.  It can call and receive calls from IP addresses.  Calling or receiving calls from IP addresses uses the internet for the transmission and is free.  There is no charge when connecting via an IP address. 

The mobile unit can be requested
by submitting a request ticket from 
the College's Web Help Desk ticket
tracking system, or stop by the 
Tech Service's Equipment
Checkout center.

The Cisco Telepresence sits on top of a 42 inch LCD screen that is mounted  to a rolling TV cart. 

When requesting a Video Conference please provide the following information:



Reason for Conference:

Conference Start Time:

Conference Duration:

Number of Participants (approx):

Far Side Information

Who will you connect with:

Time zone of far side:

Tech Staff contact information:

Far side IP address to connect with (if known):