Download and Print the Guide (PDF) with this link:  Using the Canon Zoom with the F5-1.pdf

1.  Attach the Arri riser plate to the F5.
2.Attach the F5 bridge plate to the Arri riser plate.

3. Attach the tripod plate to the F5 bridge plate.  

Use one of the following: (Cartoni Film Tripod, Sachtler R04580/R04581, Sachtler 9+9 Head)


4 . Add the rails from the F5 and the rod extensions to the F5 Bridge plate and

slide them all the way back to be even with the back of the riser plate.

5. Attach the lens to camera and ensure that the PL mount lock is locked. 

One person should continue to support the lens until the support bracket locked into place!

6. Screw the support bracket into the Canon Lens, and then lock down the support bracket knobs.

To avoid putting too much strain on the camera mount, make sure that the support bracket is secured at the correct height.

7. Ensure once again that everything is secure.  Remove the lens cap, turn on the camera and make pretty pictures!
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