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How to set the FS-100 to record from the HVX-200 Camera



Using the FireStore to record files from the HVX200 these are the formats and frame rates that are supported.

(Note that FS-100 must have firmware update V.4 to support Native Frame Rates and Variable Frame Rates)

DVCPRO HD: 720/30PN and 720/24PN 720/60P, 720/30P, 720/24, 1080/60i DVCPRO 50: 60i, 30P, 24P and 24PA (Advanced Pull-down)

First set up the HVX 200 settings

Necessary settings on the HVX200:


Set 1394 Control to EXT

Set 1394 CMD SEL to REC_P



REC FORMAT P2 > set this to the format you wish to record your footage in.

Alternative frame rates are only available in any of the 720p modes.

To set an alternative frame rate to get fast or slow motion effects frame accurate:

Menu > 1. SCENE FILE


FRAME RATE can be set to whatever speed you wish to use. For an explanation on how alternative frame rates are used, please refer to:

Then set up the FS-100 settings

Necessary settings on the FS-100:

Using the right arrow key to move through the menus, verify the following settings-

Power off the FS-100 and connect the 4pin to 6pin FireWire cable to the HVX- 200.

Connect the 6pin to the FS-100 DV i/o out then connect the 4pin to the camera.

Turn on the FS-100

You can also verify recording by looking at the main screen on the FS-100 and monitoring the timecode read out. It should be counting as it records footage. Press the record button on the HVX200 again and the FS-100 should stop recording.

Last step is to bring the footage into the editing application. On the FS-100 Use the left or right arrow keys and navigate to the UTILITIES menu. Scroll down to ORGANIZE P2 and press the select button.

This may take a moment. The files on the FS-100 are now ready to import into the NLE.

Be aware that once you run the ORGANIZE P2 command, you will have to re-format the FS-100’s before you can begin recording to it again.

Connect the firewire cable from the Computer I/O port on the FS-100 to a Firewire port on your Macintosh.
FS-100 will mount on your OS X desktop with the standard OS X Firewire icon.