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The Moody College offers video production services. Before making a request for a video, please submit an event to the college event's calendar (see Event Calendar Instructions). In addition, please submit the video request two or more weeks in advance of the event. Make it clear whether you would like a full-version, recap of the event, and/or a short interview with the person of interest. If this is a standard classroom lecture, job interview or event not to be highlighted or pitched in a promotional manner, please contact Tech Services audio-video production in the Moody College Technology Team for a video shoot.

Keep in mind that the more requests that are made, the more time it will take to fulfill those requests, especially during very busy periods when several events are in occurrence (i.e. October or April). Some events take priority over others, such as events dealing with development, donors, and/or special events hosted by the Dean. Barring those events, priority will be given to those who have asked in the timeliest manner.

If there is a tech/sound/audio engineer person, provide the filmmaker with the tech person's contact info as soon as possible so arrangements can be made for audio feeds, extra cameras, setups, etc.

If there are separate interviews requested with subjects before, in the middle of or after an event, please reserve or make available a separate, nearby room where such interviews can be conducted to provide for setup, proper lighting, and quality sound control.

The video production crew often works in tandem with the tech services team but we are separate entities and will not rent out equipment needed for an event production nor take on the responsibility of equipment rented out by an event coordinator. Checkouts should be planned and made in advance by event coordinators who assume the responsibility of return for items utilized in their event (i.e.: mic stands, tables, PowerPoint clickers, etc.). The video production crew will, however, rent out items that pertain to the actual production of the video (a separate camera, SD cards, lights, etc.) and assume responsibility for those items. 

 Filming is a rigorous and full-time job and the film production crew cannot, in addition, also be expected to take photographs during an event. The same policy exists if there are problems with lighting, audio, visual, software, hardware or other computer issues during an actual event. The video production crew is there to produce a video and not assume responsibility or solve technical issues listed above when and if they should occur. If the possibility of those problems is of concern, please train additional members of your staff via the tech services team, hire a student worker, or contract outside additional help such as a member of the tech services team, an audio engineer, or soundboard operator.

Alert, in advance, any persons who are to be filmed and at the least, get their oral consent to appear on video. Written consent is also encouraged via email, as it is a form of documentation. If anyone in an event is a person under 18 years of age, written consent from the parent or guardian is required via FERPA rules and the person or event will not be filmed without documented approval in writing prior to the production.

All videos, in all forms, are uploaded to the College’s Vimeo and YouTube accounts. Vimeo is the preferred video provider on the Moody College site but linking or embedding of YouTube content is also acceptable.

To submit a request, contact Nick Hundley, director of communications in the Moody College of Communication, at and Marc Speir, multimedia coordinator in the Moody College of Communication, at

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