Several students have experienced problems with vignetting while shooting with the CP-16 cameras equipped with Angenieux 10-150mm zoom lens.


I shot a series of tests with all of our 10-150 lenses and could not duplicate the problem. I consulted with a lens repair expert and he told me that vignetting occurs when trying to shoot wide angles at distances closer than five feet. He pointed out that this is the reason the focus ring on the 10-150mm lens has a red line under five feet.


Please be aware that all of our Arriflex and CP-16 zoom lenses (Angenieux 10-150mm, 12-120mm, and Zeiss 10-100mm) are designed to operate past a minimum distance of five feet. Even though focus may be achieved less than five feet, vignetting may be a problem, especially at the wider end of the zoom range.