If you have checked out a webcam and wish to use it, please refer to this wiki.

Launch Skype

Ignore this click "CANCEL"

Log In with your skype account

When you get to this window don't do anything yet!!

Check your Audio/Video Settings FIRST!! next step in this wiki

>Skype>Audio and Video Settings

Change the Mic, speakers and Camera settings here

Speakers should be set on HDMI output

Camera should be set on HD Pro Webcam C920

You should see the camera display the image of the room.

To test audio slide the speaker slider up and press Test audio

It sometimes takes about 30 seconds to get audio to play be patient.

Set the Microphone to HD Pro Webcam C920

If you want to make a free test call you can press the

"Make a free test call" feature

this will test the audio only in the room

follow the directions of the spoken voice on the test.

If it sounds good the choose "End Call"

When finished close the audio and video settings

Go to >File New Call

Or if you want to meet with a bunch of folks

Click on "Calls"

Meet Now

Add the folks to join the meeting can click on multiple people at once and then click Done

click on the participants here to schedule a meeting

click on schedule a call to setup a meeting in the future and the participants will be invited to join

to remove a guest click on >group>manage group

click Remove to delete the participant from the session

You will see your recent calls and also "People" in your contact list

You can also search for people to call and or click on

Dialpad to call their number

When you click on Dialpad type in the number to call OR

Click on Contacts Icon shown here

Search for the Contact you want to add or click on +Contact

Request contact with this person Audio Call or Video Call hit the

Camera or phone Icon

The person will answer and the icons will show like this.

If it says speakers muted that is correct. The speakers to the classroom will be working

You can click on the "+" icon for options

Share Screen

Start Recording

Hold Call etc

If you choose Share Screen then this menu will pop up asking you

to Share Screen click the button to Share Screen

Now you can share power points and whatever you want to show on the computer to the skype session

Full screen playback of the skype session is >View Toggle Full Screen

Double clicking on the Skype Logo at the top of the window will also

show full screen playback

If you choose to record the session choose the "+" button and choose Start Recording

In the upper left corner you will see a Red Record button with the time

you have recorded. When finished click on "Stop recording"

When you finish the skype session you will see the recording associated with the call you just made and it'll download as a .mp4

You can choose to download it by right clicking the video file

the file will be on your skype account for 30 days.