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Copy of the final ProTools session with Quicktime burned to DVD, copied on a firewire drive or saved to the “Transfer Server”

Refer to ProTools - How to Save a Session and Burn a Data DVD in Mac OSX 

Have the ProTools session as complete as possible. Mixer will not have time to slip sync, add new sound effects, or bring in extra source audio. DO NOT use 3rd party ProTools plug ins that may not be compatible with our ProTools systems. For example, if you or your sound editor uses a plug in from their suite at their studio it may not be one we have here. So always double-check your session by loading it into a ProTools system here before going to mix.

Your final Quicktime used in your mix needs to be picture locked. All titles and credits should be finished before mixing. In other words, if you go to the mix without credits finished there will be no way to tell when to fade the music. If you can’t finish have exact placeholders for your titles and etc. All synced video should be picture locked.

This last note is MOST IMPORTANT. Once the mix is done watch it through to make sure it sounds correct before signing off on the project with the mixer. Trying to arrange changes later in the next weeks, months or semesters will not be accommodated.

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