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  1. Back up the entire SXS card to two different hard drives.  There is a folder on each SXS card named BPAV. To back up the BPAV folder and it's contents, drag via finder to a folder on your backup drives.  
  2. The idea is to come up with a naming convention that illustrates the date of the shoot and card#. Make those folders PRIOR TO SHOOTING DAY on the 1st back up drive.
  3. Then load the BPAV folder into each folder that pertains to the card just recorded.
  4. Back up to "Main Backup Hard Drive" something like this type of file structure:     Notice that each "Day" of shooting has several "Card Folders" and within each folder there is a BPAV folder. . .Don't change the file structure when backing up cards keep all the files w/in the "BPAV" folder.
  5. Keep the file structure intact per this example:

  1. Then launch XDCAM Transfer

  1. Go the XDCAM Transfer Preferences

  1. Set the preferences to these settings

    Source List: as shown

    Set Audio channels to only import channels ½ unless recorded more audio channels then have those checked.

    Uncheck the Codecs: box

  1. Click on the Preferences "Cache" tab and set to default setting shown here.

  1. Click on the "Import" tab and set the following:

  2. Check New folder for each source. (this will make a new folder for each card)

  3. Filename setting only have Add clip title and For subclips and index number checked.

  4. On Import Location click "Choose" and select the hard drive and folder location of where the transcoded quicktimes are to be stored.

  1. Navigate to the folder where to store the transcoded quicktimes and click "Choose"

  1. Click "Add" and navigate to the folder that you want to load. The only difference is to set up the XDCAM Transfer tool to send the files to the hard drive and not import into a Final Cut Pro project.

Make sure that this box is unchecked so media is not imported into Final Cut. Only transcoded to QuickTime.

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