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User documentation is now available at University Wiki Service Help & Support.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you were planning to put some internal documentation of this wiki system on this wiki. If that seems recursive, what prompted this question is that I was wondering if UT's Confluence instance supported Widget Connector. I didn't think this merited a tech-support query, so I thought I would look here first. I suspect that each of the questions I've sent the very helpful wiki adminstrator were also of interest to others, so it might be good to have some internal documentation for issues like EIDs and installed plugins, as well as how to do basic stuff like making your personal space world-viewable, which took me forever to figure out.

    1. Christopher,

      Thanks for your comment. This morning we went live with three internal sources of documentation:

      These pages are works in progress, in fine wiki fashion.

      We also upgraded to Confluence 3.0. This new version makes it easy to use a number of macros, including the Widget Connector. (

      Confluence 3.0 Release Notes


      Widget Connector Info



      Wiki Admin

  2. Are there any plans or schedule to upgrade to Confluence 3.2.x ? I would like to use the Office Connector. Thanks!

    1. Gregory,

      We have upgraded to Confluence v3.2.1_01 with the Office Connector plugin bundled.

      Wikis admin

  3. Hello,

    Is there any way to keep track of who is watching your page?


    1. If you are a Space Admin, you should have access to "Manage Watchers" for each page.  The location of the link may depend on which theme the space is using -- on spaces that use the same theme as this one, it's under the Tools menu at the top right.