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FAQ: Payroll, Insurance, Vacation/Sick Leave, Tuition bills, and International Student and Scholar Services

Where can I see my current appointment information?

Log on to UTDIRECT, click on Personal Information, click on Employee Biographical Information, click on Appointment Information (see column on left side of page).

What else can a current student do online?

Go to this link to access information about your classes, finances, grades, personal information, computer accounts, housing, and library status.

I’m a GRA and in mid-January, I received only half of my check. Why did I get paid only 1/2 in the middle of January instead of on the 1st of the month as usual?

All GRA Fall student appointments are from 9/1/xx – 1/15/xx. So the system, recognizing that your Fall appointment has ended, sends out a final check. Any checks cut in the middle of the month, pay out on the semi-monthly payroll deadline, which typically lands between 1/17 – 1/22. And since your check was generated in the middle of the month, the amount paid is for half and should only cover 1/1 – 1/15. If your new appointment for the Spring semester was on the system and final approved by the reappointment deadline, then you should receive the rest of your January check on February 1st. Your Spring appointment should be from 1/16/xx – 5/31/xx. If you do not see your appointment, call your HR liaison at CTR at 232-3111.

Where can I find answers to tuition and fee bill questions?

More information can be found at this link:

Where can I find my tuition and fee bill online?

You can find a copy of your online tuition bill at the following link:

Who is eligible for out of state tuition and fee waivers based on employment?

Graduate students employed for at least 20 hours per week with academic graduate titles like TA, GA, and GRA titles are eligible for a waiver of the out of state tuition portion. For more information, go to the Student Accounts Receivable web page at:

Where can I apply for a tuition waiver based on employment?

Go to this link to apply for a waiver of out of state tuition based on employment:

Why do I have a Tuition Remission bill and an Earning Statement?

Your tuition, provided by your department in exchange for services, is subject to Federal Income and Social Security Withholding taxes. The total compensation, less taxes, has been applied to your tuition balance. The remaining amount of your tuition balance is due as Tuition Remission.

Why did I get an Earning Statement? The Earning Statement issued by Payroll itemizes your compensation and the related taxes. The compensation, less taxes, has been applied to your tuition balance.

For an example of the Tuition Remission and the Earning Statement, go to this link

How does an international student claim tax exemption?

Eligibility for tax treaty exemptions is based upon your visa status and is determined by Payroll Services. A form 8233 with attachment must be completed and turned in to Payroll Services to claim an exemption and is valid for one calendar year only. Renewal of the 8233 Form and attachment must be made every calendar year you are present at UT. A reminder to provide a new 8233 and attachment will be sent out every November. See your HR liaison for a hard copy or go directly to Payroll to fill out the form. You may also download a copy at

How does an international student who is working as a GRA apply to have his International Health Insurance fee waived?

Graduate students who hold half time (20 hour) TA, GRA or AI positions may request a waiver of the insurance requirement. Spouses of graduate student employees may also be eligible for insurance waivers. To apply online for a waiver of the international health insurance, go to

Where do I go to find out more about student and scholar services for International students?

Go to the International Student and Scholar web page at  for up to date information.

What if my annual withholding needs to be adjusted?

You can make adjustments by changing your withholding status on the electronic PO8 form. Whatever withholding status you select will be applied to all payroll payments, including your regular salary. Although the Payroll Office cannot provide tax counsel, they can help you complete or adjust your PO8 form in order to meet a targeted withholding amount. Electronic PO8 forms can be updated through your Paycheck Profile at:

What if I have questions about my tax status?

Please contact Payroll at 471-5271 or send an email to

Where can I find a list of my insurance benefits?

Go to this link to review your insurance benefits. This link is on the UT HR main webpage under Online Services at the top of the page in tiny print:

Where is my W-2?

You may choose to download an official copy of your W-2 form from UT Direct using your high-assurance UT EID and password. If you have not elected to receive it via the web, your W-2 will be mailed by the end of January. The W-2 is sent to the address the University has on file for the employee, or if the appointment continues through January 15, to the employee's campus mail address. Go to this link to download a copy of  your W-2:

Where is my paycheck?

Paychecks are distributed according to the instructions provided by the employee on Paycheck Profile. Certain situations will cause a paycheck to be placed on hold. For example, a missing I-9, incomplete Paycheck Profile, or missing payment request form. This means that the normal distribution is overridden and the check is held in Payroll Services. The employee may pick up the check upon fulfilling the applicable requirements. See your HR liaison or call Payroll directly at 512-471-5271 to ascertain your current status.

What is My Paycheck Profile?

Your paycheck profile includes the following information like personal data, withholding status, paycheck distribution, bank information, and your employee address. Your paycheck profile can be accessed online at:

How do I get Direct Deposit?

The fastest and most efficient method of updating your check distribution is to simply do so online via Paycheck Profile using your high-assurance UT EID and password. If you do not have access to Paycheck Profile you may complete the Payroll Services Employee Information Form. See your department HR liaison for a paper copy. You may also pick up a hard copy in the Payroll Office, Main building, Room 134.

Where is my Direct Deposit?

It's the first of the month and my Direct Deposit has not shown up in my account balance. The Direct Deposit is added to your account balance on payday. The time of deposit varies according to your bank's practices. It may be early or late in the day. Also, the balance given to you on the telephone or at an ATM may not be the most current information. If payday falls on a weekend or holiday, the credit to your account may be made on the next working day. Call your bank for details.

It's at least one working day after payday and my Direct Deposit has not been credited to my account. Call Payroll at (512) 471-5271. We will ascertain whether or not there was a problem depositing funds to your account. If our records show the deposit was made to your correct account, you will be asked to contact your bank for further assistance.

What are fringe benefits?

The term "fringe benefits" means those employee expenses, which are paid by the employer. It includes premium sharing, employer matching OASI, Unemployment Insurance, Workers' Compensation Insurance, TRS/ORP matching, etc.

What is OASI?

This stands for Old Age and Survivor's Insurance. OASI is also known as Social Security. All employees are subject to withholding for OASI unless exempt by visa status and length of presence in the U.S. The amount deducted in recent years was 7.65% of eligible wages up to $87,000, and 1.45% of wages over that amount.

When will a new employee be eligible to use Vacation/Sick Leave?

Vacation can be used, with supervisory approval, after an employee completes six months of continuous state service. Employees who are transferring from another state agency and have completed their 6 month probationary period are eligible with supervisor approval to take vacation leave. Transferring state employees are also eligible to transfer the previous vacation/sick leave balances to UT. Sick leave is available for use as of the first day of employment. Student status employees are not eligible for vacation/sick leave. For more information on vacation, sick leave, transferring vacation/sick leave, FMLA, Holiday and Vacation Schedule and much more, go to Leave Management at this link:

What is FMLA and what purpose does it serve?

FMLA stands for Family Medical Leave Act and its purpose is to provide up to 12 weeks of Family and Medical Leave with job protection and continuation of premium sharing for those who qualify. For more information on FMLA go to this link:

How does an employee qualify for Family Medical Leave?

An employee must have been employed by the University or with another state agency for at least 1 year and have worked a minimum of 1,250 hours during that year. For more information on FMLA eligibility, go to this:  link

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