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Dues/memberships will not be reimbursed. All dues/memberships must be paid for using a CTR Procard. Office supply purchases will not be reimbursed and must be purchased through the UT system. If you have questions about purchasing, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them.


All equipment and other purchase orders (PO) must go through the official system and follow UT purchasing rules. Items may not be purchased (or agreements reached) prior to having a PO in place.


All donations or gifts must come through the CTR (or appropriate) office for processing. CTR staff will inform you of appropriate procedures for reporting and depositing gifts. CTR staff are the only ones allowed to make deposits.

Late Invoicing (TxDOT)

TxDOT will penalize CTR on invoices/charges that are 120 days beyond service/delivery date. Those penalties are paid out of the project that caused the charge and will have to be offset by non-grant funds such as gift accounts.

  • Example of internal delay: If you shift a salary allocation from September, but you wait until December to make that shift, TxDOT will assess a penalty.
  • Example of external delay: If a vendor submits an invoice to UT four months late, TxDOT will assess a penalty.

To prevent these penalties (and protect their project budget), RSs need to review their project balances and charges to ensure salaries and other expenses are on target, and RSs and Administrators must respond to requests for invoices or receipts promptly.


Payroll breakdowns must be turned in upon request to avoid late charges and payroll issues.

Outside Activities and Conflicts of Interest

All faculty, employees, and researchers will be required to complete outside employment forms and conflict of interest disclosures for all identified activities each year. Management must approve outside activities prior to the person engaging in these activities. Faculty are responsible for filling out these forms and providing them to their respective departments.All CTR personnel with a supervisory role must complete the Compliance Training Module CW0181: Outside Activities, Conflicts of Interest and Commitment.

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