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This checklist is a guide to verify that you have all the necessary paperwork. See also, and scroll down to My First Day and My First Week.

Forms NeededRequiredDeliver to:Frequency
Direct Deposit and W-4 and My Bank InformationGo to:

Scroll down to Related Categories
and Services on bottom right. 
Choose Personal Information.
 Whenever you change banks or wish to change tax information
I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification)Passport
I-20 or
Driver's License
SSN Card
Must be done in person
Renew when there is a change in work or personal status or HR* contacts you.
International Tax Information Internationals only Yearly
Ethics Form - Standards of ConductTo review:

Selective Service Required of U.S and International males between 18 - 25 yrs.Nothing Additional - U.S. citizens
needing to register see:
Veteran's InformationMandatory  

* HR=CTR Office of Human Resources/Personnel (Rm 4.214 at CTR)


All new U.S. and International Students

1.  Obtain High Assurance UTEID and Password

If you are NOT in Austin, you may upgrade remotely at any time using this web site.

When you applied to UT, you were assigned a UT EID.  If you claimed it then, it is activated.  You must upgrade to a high assurance EID for employment.

If you are in Austin:

Visit the UT Austin ID Center
Flawn Academic Center 102
M-F, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Bring your driver's license or passport

2.  Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) - must be presented to CTR Personnel Office in person (1616 Guadalupe, Suite4.214).  Bring either:

Driver's License
SSN Card

3.  Selective Service Form - must submit to CTR Personnel Office.

4.  Compliance Training

All graduate employees are required to take the online EEO and Sexual Harassment Modules:

*Online EEO (CW 123)
*Sexual Harassment (CW 121)

5.  My Bank Information, Direct Deposit Form, and W-4 Form
          Cannot be completed until employment record has been created.  HIGH ASSURANCE UT EID REQUIRED to create employment record.

6.  Attend Benefits Information Session

7. Veteran's Information

Non-Texas Residents and International Students

Request for Resident Tuition Entitlement by Reason of Students Own Employment (In-State Tuition Form)

International Students Only

 International student insurance waiver by reason of employment

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