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Certificates are only available to faculty and staff, and are provided at no cost to the user.


This procedure requires a connection to the campus network. If connecting from off campus, establish a VPN connection. 

To request a certificate:


1. Connect to the campus network, if off campus please connect via the UT VPN network at If you need help connecting to the UT Austin VPN please visit the following page for more information: 

2. Visit the Certificates site, please note that this link takes you to a University of Texas System site  search for The University of Texas at Austin or select it from the drop-down list.

3. Log in with your EID credentials.

4. Read the introductory text for any additional instructions, system messages regarding the service, etc

5. Click the Here link.

6. Click the Request a new certificate button.

7. Follow the directions on the page regarding entering your email address and requesting the certificate.

8. When the certificate generation is complete, you will receive a link to take you to the Stache service (note that you may have to log in to Stache using your EID and EID password).

9. Once in Stache, search for certificate from the search field to view your certificates. There you will see a listing of all digital certificates that you have requested.

10. Click Download p12 and save the file to an easy to find location, such as your desktop or downloads folder. This p12 file contains your public and private keys.

11. When importing the p12 file, use the password that Stache generated for the p12 (available in the Password field). Instructions are available for importing your certificates:

12. After importing the p12 file into your system or application, we recommend deleting the p12 file. If you ever lose your certificates and need to recover them, they are always available in Stache.