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Finance Team wiki page:

Finance has mapped out all Dell Medical School financial policies and procedures on its wiki site. Bookmark this page to refer to as needed. It includes helpful flowcharts for how to submit paperwork, email addresses for members of the finance team, OOEF templates, and other forms.


Submitting Reimbursements (RFS webite:

  • To submit a parking receipt for reimbursement, use the Payment Request Form. Select Payment Type: Other. In the notes field, indicate parking purpose, i.e. when and for what meeting.
  • To submit an OOEF, use the Entertainment Payment Request Form.
  • To submit travel reimbursements, use the Travel Reimbursement Request Form.
    • Separate receipts into two categories: personal expenses are submitted under the Travel Reimbursement Request. All donor meals on a trip still require an OOEF and must be submitted separately as you would with the Entertainment Payment Request.

Please note:

  • Receipts must be processed within 60 days to avoid additional paperwork (reimbursement memo).
  • It is preferable for all office-related purchases to be made using the Procard. Should a team member not have access to the Procard, and uses a personal credit card to purchase items such as last-minute office supplies or donor gifts, then a memo is required to explain why the Procard was not used.
  • When turning in receipts from donor visits, please attach a sticky note with your name and who you met with, then place it in the drop box at Julianne’s desk.


General Expense Account Numbers to Know

Entertainment/Official Occasions and Travel: 19-5600-4051

Maintenance and Operations: 20-5600-3350

  • Note about IDT: Contact the Finance Team to confirm which account number should be used, as it depends on the situation.


Co-sponsorship Payments

Development has allocated funds to sponsor and co-sponsor events each FY. Courtney and John Daigre decide which events development will sponsor. Julianne coordinates sponsorship payment and table assignments, if needed. Complete sponsorship form from the organization and submit to finance team in order for a check to be sent for sponsorship payment.


Purchase Order & Misc. Invoices

A Purchase Order may be required in order to pay for larger items or recurring expenses. Work with finance team to determine best way to handle in advance of the purchase.


Ordering Supplies

UT Market should be used for all general office supplies through the Today’s Business Solutions tab. We are strongly discouraged from purchasing supplies at Staples or other stores as we receive a discount for buying through UT Market or directly from Office Max/Depot.

There is a laminated card for Office Max in the envelope where the procard is stored. Take this with you to get the discount for in store purchases.

Use account number 2056003350 for supplies

Use account number 1956004051 for coffee/water/creamer/sugar


Printed Supplies

Contact Jeff Blue at UT Document Solutions to order DMS letterhead, envelopes and for custom printing needs (i.e. event invitations). (512) 232-2432, M: (512) 468-2449;


Procurement Card (Procard)

  • Julianne Newman has the Development Team’s procard locked in her desk drawer.
  • Make sure people sign out the Procard and return it with itemized receipts for any purchases made.
  • Procard may NOT be used for entertainment expenses, including but not limited to:
    • Food or beverage items at the store, meal at a restaurant, airline travel, hotel expenses, rental cars
  • Once a month we receive an email from CBO listing our expenses. The Procard holder must then compile the receipts and email them as an attachment so that CBO can reconcile the statement.
    • Contact the Procard Administrator/office if you have questions about Procard usage or if you need the credit limit to be raised in order to complete a large transaction.
    • Procard billing address: 1616 Guadalupe, UTA Suite 3.302, Austin, TX 78701