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Sanger Sequencing

  • Sanger sequencing orders must be submitted online via our FBS web application HERE
  • For questions concerning FBS accounts, please see this FAQ
  • Samples must be received by 10:00 AM for same day processing


 Mail your samples to the DSF using the address at right


Place samples within the GREEN RACKS of the clearly-marked Sanyo LabCool refrigerator in MBB 1.426 (pictured at right)


Online Submission Instructions

A. Order Parameters


I.  Order #

The order # default is New.  An actual order # will be created once you hit the 'Submit Order' button:

II. Quantity (# Reactions)

Maximum number is 96.  Once you choose a quantity, the # of sample rows in the sample specifications table adjusts accordingly (See "D" below).

III. Service

For a detailed explanation, please see Service Types.  "Standard Template / My Primer" is the default, as this is our most-used service.  Service types are color-coded for a reason, relevant to the DSF.


All FBS users are required to be affiliated with a Principal Investigator (PI).  Users can be affiliated with more than one PI if necessary.  If you need to update your PI, please contact the DSF.

V. Requestor

Requestor is the FBS user submitting the order.  You can only choose yourself as a Requestor.

VI. Drop-Off Location

The default (and only) option is MBB 1.426, the home of the DSF.       


Our Mailing Address 

Attn: DNA Sequencing Facility
2500 Speedway
MBB 1.426 A4800
Austin, TX 78712

Our Sample Fridge

B. Results Notification


I. Additional Instructions

Please make any essential notes for DSF, relevant to your order, here.  Please do not make personal notes.

II. Send Email Notification?

If toggled YES (default), FBS will send the Requestor an e-mail notification when results are ready.


C. Method of Payment


I. Account Pay

UT customers must enter an active, 10-digit grant account number to be used for payment. External customers are permitted to enter anything or nothing in the "Account Pay" field. See Billing for details.

II. PayAlias

A PayAlias is a payment shortcut, eliminating the need to remember or enter a 10-digit account number each time you place an order.  PayAliases can be managed by the PI and/or users they designate as an "Accountant" in FBS.  Please contact DSF to request Accountant status.    


D. Sample Specifications

Please take the time to fill out this table accurately.  These represent critical variables for successful Sanger sequencing, as discussed in Template Prep.  If we need to troubleshoot failed reactions, this is where we look for answers.  





I. Sample Name

Limit is 10 characters (alphanumeric and dashes only).  No spaces allowed.  Please DON'T write the sample name on the tube.  The sample name is for your reference only.

II. Template Concentration (ng/uL)

Please use Template Prep as a guide for appropriate concentration.  Please note: users tend to submit TOO MUCH DNA, especially for PCR products.


Please select DNA Type from the drop-down list.  Please DON'T use this field to write-in the name of your plasmid, construct, gene, etc.

IV. Size

Size of your plasmid or PCR product in base pairs (bp).  For plasmids, cosmids, and BACs >10 KB, please use 9999 and indicate actual size in the Additional Instructions field.

V. Primer Name

Limit is 15 characters (alphanumeric and dashes only).  No spaces allowed.  The drop-down list shows all primers used by the Requestor in the past 120 days, plus all available Core primers.

VI. Primer Concentration (pmol/uL)

We recommend having 10 pmol of primer per reaction.  Thus, add 1 uL of a 10 uM stock to your 10 uL sample.


E. Submit Order 

When all order parameters are complete, you are ready to submit the order for processing.  Simply click the "Submit Order" button.  If any parameters are invalid or incomplete, you will receive a pop-up error message. 


Uploading Orders via Excel Spreadsheet

  • First, download this Excel template for Sanger
  • Complete the template with sample information (alphanumeric and underscore only; no spaces)
  • Save as a .csv file
  • Use Copy/Paste, Drag 'n Drop, or Upload, as instructed on the editor

   PLEASE NOTE: You must import the template BEFORE filling in any fields on the Order Editor (such as quantity)


Correcting Submission Mistakes

  • Requestors can modify an order prior to it being "Checked-In" by DSF (i.e. "Submitted" orders)

  • Quantity, service type, payment account, and samples can all be modified
  • To delete an order, use the "Delete Order" button


  • To delete individual samples from an order, first select the row.  A blue arrow will appear at left.  Hover the cursor hand over the arrow. Hit the 'delete' key on your keyboard.  Confirm you want to delete the row. In the example below, "Sample3" will become sample #2, so make sure your tubes are labeled accordingly with the change.


  • To make changes on an order that has already been "Checked-In", please contact DSF.



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