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Sanger Sequencing

Please read this very important disclaimer about results analysis:

The DSF does not have enough time or resources to analyze results for all orders.  More importantly, only YOU know what results to expect and whether the results meet your needs.  Please use this guide to better understand your results.  Please use the Troubleshooting link to self-diagnose problems and the Reruns link to understand how to self-select rerun options.  However, if you need help, excellent customer service is important to us.  We will do our best to help you achieve success.


How do my results compare to controls?

The DSF sequences a digested, 1897 bp pBR322 fragment as a control for our Sanger sequencing SOP.  For quality assurance, we analyze the control results for every sequencing plate.  Usually, two controls are included on each 96 well plate. To view the control results for your plate, click on the Plate # in the order summary.  For example:

You will see the Plate Detail.  For example:

The control sequence consistently begins to resolve about 30 bp downstream of the primer.  The below images show sequence alignment for the first ~75 nucleotides of five independent control runs (top, click to enlarge), followed by a representative chromatogram of control sequence showing the read out to ~75 nucleotides (bottom, click to enlarge).


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