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Security and Risk

Very Important. Please Read: Before you get started with a cloud storage solution, please be sure to read further on the risk considerations and approved cloud storage solutions on campus at

UT Box

UT now offers Box Enterprise Service (UTBox) for all students, faculty and staff.  UTBox is a cloud hosted data storage service similar to Dropbox.  Unlike Dropbox, UTBox meets the security requirements for UT Confidential Data.  Dropbox and others do not and should not be used for sensitive UT data.

UT Box Features

  • Quickly collaborate on documents and safely store Confidential (formerly Cat-I data).
  • Have a secure method to share files across campus or across institutions.
  • Meets the Information Security Office (ISO) requirements to store the majority of sensitive data.  More information can be found at ISO Decision Matrix :: Cloud Services
  • Easily sync important files between your desktop, laptop, smartphone and table device.
  • Keep files current with apps for iOS, iPadOS, and Android

Box Group

Dedicated Box group accounts or Shared Group Folders are available for Research Areas

UT Box Resources

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service that allows easy access to your files, from anywhere, on any device with 2TB of available storage space.  Microsoft OneDrive is approved for storage of UT Confidential Data

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint gives users a web based platform to create: intranet, portals, document and file management, collaboration, websites, business intelligence and much more.  SharePoint storage allocation of up to 25 TB and is also approved for storage of UT Confidential Data

Google Drive

UT Google services have gone under signficant changes since its inception as a UT service.  UT Google services is not recommended for sustainable UT Business.