Please do the following to be able to use your new account in accordance with UT and Cockrell School policy:

  1. If you have been issued an Administrator account for your computer.  You must first claim your account and set the password.
  2. Log into the computer with the new account and password set in step 1.  You MUST be on a wired UT Ethernet connection, not wireless for the first login.
  3. This should be the only time you log into the computer with this account
  4. Log out of the machine and log back in with your EID
  5. To test the account, click "Start" and type "notepad"
  6. Right click on the notepad icon in the start menu and select "Run as administrator" to get the following window

    1. If notepad opens without this (or a similar) window, please contact ITG and reference this page and step
  7. Enter the new admin account and password you set

If notepad opens, your admin account is working correctly (just close notepad).  If not, please contact ITG and reference this page and step 6.

If an application installer does not ask for an admin account and instead fails with an error about insufficient rights, you don't have to login as an admin, just use step 6 above on the installer

Please note that the Cockrell School of Engineering has special security policies in place that restrict which folders an application can be run from. Please see the following wiki to ensure you are installing an application in an appropriate folder - Blocked Application (AppLocker)

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