What is Jamf

Jamf is an enterprise management and inventory tool for Apple devices which allows IT staff to quickly deploy software required by campus (antivirus, backup, etc), allow computer owners to easily install optional University software (Cyberduck, Box Drive, vlc, etc), and let support staff see inventory information and system status for providing help and answering University audits.

Cockrell School IT is currently partnering with LAITS (Liberal Arts IT Services) to deliver Jamf.

How to tell if Jamf is installed

Go to Finder/Applications or open Search (Command-Space) and look for "LAITS Self Service".  If you don't have "LAITS Self Service", Jamf is not installed.

Self-Enrolling in Jamf

This process will install the client which will make sure that backup and proper UT security is setup on the machine as well as install the Self Service portal to give you access to software.

  • NOTE: if you are running MacOS 11 (Big Sur) or higher, you may need to click the message in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click "Install" when asked if you are sure about installing the certificate

  • Close System Preferences and go back to the Safari tab and click "Continue" on the new box

  • Click "Install" when asked if you are sure about installing the MDM Profile

  • If you didn't get this box, open the Downloads folder and open "enrollmentProfile"
  • Click "Install" when asked to verify your selection

NOTE on data erasure

The message about "Erase all data on this computer" is only a permission.  Nothing will be erased.  The ability to erase all data is a requirement for security, in case a device is stolen.

  • Enter your admin account username and password and click "OK"

  • When the profile is done installing, close System Preferences and the Safari tab
  • A new window will open, wait until it says it is complete, then click "Quit" to close it

  • If you are prompted that "Remote Support Customer Client would like to record this computer's screen", please click on Open System Preferences, unlock with your admin account, and check the box next to Remote Support Customer Client.  This will allow Engineering IT staff to remotely connect to your computer when you need help.

  • If Code42 comes up asking to login, just close it.  Our system will automatically back up the computer in the background without a log in

If you have problems

If you have any problems with enrolling your system, please send an email to the ITG support staff with the subject "Jamf Enrollment" to servicedesk@engr.utexas.edu or call 512-232-2486 and we'll arrange a remote support session to address any issues.  Please make sure to let us know your EID and the UT inventory number of the computer.

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