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Windows 10 Upgrade is currently only available on select devices. If you have not received an email from ITG but would like to upgrade to Windows 10 please let us know by submitting a ticket.


The windows 10 upgrade can be initiated at the time of your choosing up until the deadline of your deployment. This process is expected to take 1-3 hours. It is recommended that you initiate the process when you have ample time. If you have not initiated the upgrade when the deadline occurs the system will attempt to upgrade overnight once a week.


To perform the upgrade please do the following.


1. Open Software Center from the start menu.

2. Select Upgrade to Windows 10 from the Avilable Software tab and hit install.

3. Click Install Operating System on the confirmation window. (NOTE: While the message says that all of you data will be deleted, this is incorrect. All data will stay intact.)

4. Wait for the installation to finish. Your computer will restart many times. Please do not try to use the system during this process.

5. When you see the windows 10 lock screen with an ocean background your system has been upgraded and is ready for use. Note: The first login will take longer than usual.