Your Engineering Windows computers will receive mandatory security updates several times per month. Although the updates strive to be as consolidated as possible around the "Patch Tuesday" process, additional updates are likely each month for both the operating system and 3rd party applications. Even more urgent could be the deployment of what are referred to as "zero-day" patch regimes. Considering this, it would not be unusual to see as many as 3-4 updates per month. The middle-end of the second week of the month should see the lion's share, yet please help us accommodate the additional patches needed each month. When you are prompted for updates, via the dialog depicted below, please accommodate the updates as soon as possible.

Proactive installation of updates, if you desire to strive to stay ahead of the curve, on occasion.

  • Open the "Software Center" application.
    • Enter "Software Center" in Windows search bar (hit the windows-key, type softw…, launch the Software Center App)
  • Go to the "Updates" tab
  • Click "Install All"
  • You can continue to work while updates are being installed.
  • When updates are finished, they will indicate that they are installed or "Requires restart."
  • Select one that "Requires restart" and "Restart"
  • The subsequent restart usually takes a little longer than a normal restart.

  • If there are no updates to install, you will see an empty list.

When will my computer forcibly RESTART if updates are not previously, successfully applied:

Once updates have been sent to your computer whether on campus or off campus (VPN is not needed), they will automatically install and if needed restart your computer during the following times:

  • After-hours:
    • Monday, Thursday, Friday -- between 6:00 PM and 4:00 AM the next morning 
    • Saturday & Sunday – all day and night
  • Business-hours:
    • 3rd Tuesday of each month from noon to 8:00 PM.  -- if updates were not previously installed.

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