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UT Austin Encryption Policy

In compliance with state and regent policy (cf. Texas Administrative Code, Title 1, Part 10, Chapter 202, and The University of Texas System Security Practice Bulletin 1), all laptop computers owned by the University must be encrypted by December 30th, 2011. Encryption of University-owned laptop computers is also required under the institutional Information Resources Use and Security Policy. Additionally, encryption is mandatory for all personally-owned laptop computers on which any "Category 1" data are stored. ("Category 1" data include data protected by federal, state, and University rules and regulations, as well as other data that must be protected because of contractual agreements. A few examples of "Category 1" data are Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and grades, but the list is extensive. For more information go to to determine whether you have "Category 1" data on your personally-owned laptop computer.)

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