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The master training room is under your control. Use your power wisely!


Available Rooms

Large Training Room - FC9 1.105: 1 instructor computer, 9 round tables (seats 4)

Small Computer Training Room - FC9 1.108A: 8 computers + 1 instructor computer

Scheduling the Room

Campus clients may request the room at any time via Outlook. The room is available 7 days a week, during normal business hours. If event request is during after-hours, please communicate this to the Custodial Services training team as they typically schedule training between 5 PM - 2 AM. 

The client must initiate the request by creating an appointment through the Outlook Calendar system and adding one the following rooms:

  • FS-FC9 Training Room

  • FC9 Computer Training Room

This can be done by using the “Scheduling Assistant,” “Add Rooms” option (located on the bottom left corner of the window).

Review the request and ensure that the space is available before clicking Accept. Send the requester a message if the space is occupied after clicking Decline. Once Accepted, the event will appear as a block in the official FC9 Calendar(s). A confirmation email is sent to the Requester as soon as the space has been reserved. See FC9 Docs for email template.

Access to FC9

The FC9 facility key is available at FC1 3.208 front desk. The key is needed to unlock the East and West entrance doors. Set up a time for the client to pick up the key and place it on the calendar, if needed - copy the Front Desk admins.

Instruct the client to pick up the key either the day of or the day before their scheduled event. The client must return the key at the end of their event. If the client fails to return the key, please contact the Building Manager. (Current Building Manager: Andrew Yanez,












The gates facing Dean Keeton St. will remain open for clients, however, parking is restricted to permit holders.




If a client wants to book the room on weekends, and is concerned about air conditioning or heating, please contact the Energy Steward - to ensure a comfortable room temperature. ES does not have any controls on the AHUs for FC9, it is on occupied mode 24/7. AHU fans slow down on the weekends. If another building is used, a request to adjust the schedule must be sent to Energy Steward at least a week before the event.