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  • Bria Soft Client Trouble Shooting Information for TSCs
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The smart phone clients have been found to be more reliable and easier to use.  Desktop clients have more support issues.

Best first test:

Try the client from a smart phone, with wifi turned off, only operating with cellular data/carrier network.  If the SIP account connects then provisioning is OK, and networking issues are the likely problem.  XMPP can be disabled if errors are occuring.

Issues with home networks interfering:

  • 408 and 403 errors
  • Calls can be placed but not received

1) Turn off SIP algorithms on the home router.  This article provides more information:

2) Bria network and port information:

  • Poor call quality

To date these have been related to home wireless or home ISP.  Reference home Wi-Fi debugging.

If unable to register on a smart phone, a reset of provisioning may be required, please use the following link to request that be done:

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