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To enable remote work during COVID-19 isolations, ITS is providing the Bria Enterprise softphone client enabling use of your UT phone number on iPhone and Android compatible smart phones.  Note, the Information Security Office does not recommend use of this client for security sensitive calls (e.g., HIPAA) because connections are not currently encrypted.

 After the university resumes normal operations, instructions will be provided to units who may wish to purchase this service on an ongoing basis (this is a commercially licensed product).

Action Required

In order to request your voice service be provisioned to use the soft client please click the link here or below (Soft Client Request for UT VoIP)

You will need to have an existing UT phone number, and already have that number listed as your Work Contact Information primary phone number in Workday:

To update in Workday:

Workday —> Personal Information —> Contact Information —> Work Contact Information —> Primary Phone (landline)

Updates from Workday take an extra day to propagate if you update that number.

see also: 

Special lines (group or shared lines, masked lines, UCD lines, etc) will require a special request to

You will be asked to provide a contact email address, to acknowledge that there are location tracking limitations with regards to making E911 Calls with the soft client, and the primary location you expect to use the client from when working remotely.


Soft Client Request for UT VoIP

1. Please Enter your 10 digit work phone number (example 5124713434)

2. Please enter your UT EID

3. I Acknowledge that placing an Emergency Call (E911) from this soft client will not automatically provide my location information, and that I will need to provide it to the E911 operator.

4. My Home Address, or the primary address where I will be using this soft client (Street, City, State)

Soft Client Request for UT VoIP

Please allow one business day to process and provision the request.  Once provisioned you will receive a welcome email as below that contains further instructions and links to the available clients.


You have been set up on the new Bria Enterprise softphone client.

For Bria Enterprise Mobile (iOS and Android), you can download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play store.

There may be multiple Bria clients available, ensure you get the Enterprise (stretto) App.

Go to the store on your device and search for 'Bria Enterprise' client.  Please download the free Bria Enterprise client to your device.

After installing the softphone client, start the client; The login prompt will appear.

Please login with you UT EID and Password (not your email account):
Username: <EID>
Password: <EID_Password>

The client should be available for use after provisioning and login.  Support documentation is available at

Because of the early release nature of this client in support of COVID-19 isolations, limited IT support is available.  Contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance:  512-475-9400;

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