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The university maintains a network of over 300 emergency call boxes. You may find them along walkways, inside building celebrated entrances, and in and around parking garages. Management of university call boxes is a joint effort between the Office of Campus Safety, UTPD and Information Technology Services (ITS). 

The call boxes are automatically tested each night. In addition to this, call boxes are manually tested throughout the year. If an issue is found, a ticket is automatically created and sent to the management team who will dispatch a staff member or team to repair the issue. Most repairs are completed within a day. If the repair job requires more time, a dark bag is placed on the call box indicating they are not functional until they can be repaired. 

As a reminder, we ask people not to push the call buttons simply to test if they work. Pushing the call button activates a direct phone line within UTPD 911 dispatch that automatically pinpoints the caller’s location. An officer will immediately respond. Pushing a call button when there is no emergency is the same as making a false report to law enforcement — a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a fine of $2,000. Campus community members may report any issues with call boxes to the ITS Service Desk at 512.475.9400 or More information can be found at

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