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MS Teams Phone service summary:

By adding MS Teams Phone service to existing Basic or Business VoIP subscriptions, users will be able to place and receive calls to and from their UT telephone numbers through MS Teams software installed on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Pre-requisites to add MS Teams Phone service:

  • Basic or Business Voice subscription (existing or new subscription).
  • A unique UT EID to UT Telephone number mapping is required. 
  • Telephone numbers may not be shared between users or groups.
  • A working MS Teams client on desired device (along with microphone and speakers).
  • A Microsoft Office A5 license (something we'll check for you – most faculty and staff have an A5 license assigned, however, a few roles may require our reaching out to obtain a license)

Changes to existing phone service:

Place e911 calls from your cell phone, UT VoIP desk phone set, or other landline.  MS Teams is not able to provide location information, so calls are routed to a global e911 operator who will ask for your current location in order to route your call to a local e911 center.  Microsoft has stated it is working on future e911 enhancements.

When adding the MS Teams Phone service to a number, changes occur to existing VoIP Service.  Calls will continue to ring on existing desk VoIP phones configured with the same UT telephone number for external calls, and be answerable there; however all call forwarding and voicemail will be managed from within MS Teams once the service is added via MS Teams Phone Service request form.  Older voicemails received prior to the service addition will continue to be available, and managed in the legacy system.

Message Waiting indications, and Busy Line indications (status) will only be indicated via the MS Teams client, and not on the desk phones. Calls placed between MS Teams Phone service users will remain within MS Teams, and will not ring desk phones.

Bria Enterprise Soft Client discontinued:

The MS Teams Phone service replaces the Bria Soft Client.  Bria Soft Client service will be discontinued by December 24th 2021.   Current Bria Soft Client users will be contacted to transition to MS Teams Phone service.

Signing up for MS Teams Phone service:

MS Teams Phone service can be requested for a UT Telephone number and UT EID via the annual bill proof return sheet by filling the Teams EID column for a telephone number with the appropriate user EID (recall they must be unique, only one phone number per EID).  Individuals can sign up for service via MS Teams Phone Service request form beginning 8/3/2021.

There are no additional charges for this service at this time.  ITS will perform a rate review this fall and any necessary changes will be announced ahead of the  FY22-23 budget season.

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