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Prospective Students

Declaration of Intent to Pursue Graduate Study 
All applicants to the Department of Kinesiology & Health Education graduate program must submit a copy of the Declaration of Intent form, along with their application package.  Applicants may download this PDF document, which includes a list of application deadlines, instructions and a checklist of materials that must be submitted to the Graduate and International Admissions Center, and to the Department of Kinesiology & Health Education.

Application Checklists- Checklists are available when applying on, but can be accessed on the KHE Wiki as well for your reference.

Prerequisite Forms- Applicants to HBHE, Exercise Physiology, and MCRS are required to submit a list of courses that have been completed that meet the program's prerequisite requirements. NOTE- PCSS and Sport Management (SM) do not have prerequisite courses, so no forms are required for these applicants.

Current Students

Registration Advising Form 
All students will have an advising bar placed on their registration record each semester prior to the first registration access period.  Students may download the PDF of the advising form, fill it out and have it signed by their advisor.  The advising form is then taken to the Graduate Program Coordinator, so the advising bar can be lifted.

Conference Courses Form 
If you are taking any Conference Course:  Masters Report, Masters Thesis A or Thesis B, Directed Research, Graduate Internship or any other restricted course that requires consent of the instructor, you must also fill out a Request to Take Any Graduate Conference Course form; one for each course.

Students may download the PDF of the form, fill it out and have it signed by the instructor that will supervise the conference course.  Have each one completely filled out and return them to the Graduate Program Coordinator, so that the restriction can be lifted.

Comprehensive Exam Results Form 
The faculty advisor and comprehensive exam committee members must sign the Results Form after doctoral students complete Comprehensive Exams. The Graduate Advisor will provide the final signature, indicating whether the student has progressed to the next stage of their doctoral program.

Current & Prospective Students

Teaching Assistant Application 
All students, current and prospective, who wish to be considered for a Teaching Assistant position must submit their TA Application.  Priority will be given to those students who submit their applications in the early spring semester, so that teaching assistant assignments can be made in a timely manner.  Assignments are made based on the number of available positions, past work experience, and funding.

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