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What does the acronym IRB represent?

  • IRB: Institutional Review Board, which references the proposal approval process at the University level and is composed of faculty from across the university.

Does Kinesiology and Health Ed have a DRC (Department Review Committee)?

No, KHE no longer has a DRC

When do I need to submit my proposal, and what is the timeline for the review process by the IRB?

You will need to allow two to four weeks for IRB review and approval. The IRB meets monthly, and the agenda for each meeting is set two and a half weeks before the meeting. The current schedule of IRB meetings is published on the Office of Research Support and Compliance (ORSC) website.

What training do I need to complete prior to submitting a proposal?

All investigators are required to complete the Five-Part Human Participant Training available on the ORSC website.

What are the differences between the three types of IRB proposals and how do I know which type to list mine as?

There are three types of Human Subjects/IRB proposals:

  1. Exempt – Low risk with adult subjects (Children cannot be subjects in exempt studies.) Categories of research falling under the Exempt classification are listed on the ORSC website.
  2. Expedited – Low or Moderate risk. Categories of research falling under the Expedited classification are listed on the ORSC website.

  3. Full Board – High risk. All categories of research not falling under the Exempt or Expedited classifications require a Full Board review.

How do I Contact the IRB about Human Subjects Research?

  • Please always share the study number when checking in with the IRB office
    • Call the IRB helpline (M-F 9a-4p): 512-232-1543
    • List of IRB Contacts (there are no longer departmental specific contacts)
    • IRB Chatline (right side of the main page)

IRB Calendar Deadlines

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