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All equipment and material items purchased from The University of Texas at Austin accounts are the property of the university. If you purchase an item using university funds that is considered controlled ($500-4,999.99) or capitalized ($5,000 and over) this item must be tagged with an inventory number and tracked throughout its useful life. Examples include, but are not limited to: computers, laptops, iPads, cameras and projectors.

If you need to take any of these items off campus in support of university business, you will need to sign an Inventory Equipment Located off Campus Form and you will be the point of contact (unless otherwise designated) during inventory cycles to account for the item.

If, while you have custody of this item, the project for which it was purchased or your appointment with the University ends, you must return the item to the department’s inventory contact.

The Office of Accounting – Inventory Services sets all policies and procedures for University Inventory.


LBJ School Inventory Contact: Fran Peña,, 512-471-2695, SRH 3.388


Inventory Services:

Handbook of Business Procedures, Part 16. Inventory Control and Property Management:

Handbook of Operating Procedures 3-2020-PM, University Funds:


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