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 Edge is an all new web browser, exclusive to Windows 10 and will be the eventual replacement of Internet Explorer.
You may set any browser as your default. To set a default browser, see - Set default programs

One of the changes for those used to Internet Explorer is the star icon. In Edge the star you see on main menu bar is to add a favorite and not to open Favorites, as it was in Internet Explorer.
Below is an explanation of what the icons do.

 = Reading View (Makes it easier to read articles)

 = Add to favorites or reading list

 = Hub (Favorites, reading list, history and downloads)

 = Make a web note

 = Share

  = More actions

Setting a custom "Home" page

Click on More actions and then Settings. If not already selected, click on the radio button for "A specific page or pages".

Now click on the drop down and select "Custom".

If a page is already listed, you can click on the X to remove it.

Then enter the address of the page you want and click on the plus sign to add it.