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What is the Store?

The store allows you to install apps, games, buy music or movies.

Do I need to be an Administrator to install apps?

You do not need to be an administrator to install apps from the Store. 

Do I need to have a Microsoft account?

Some apps do not require a Microsoft account but most do because they offer features such as syncing across devices or because they must be purchased. You must have a Microsoft account to purchase Music and rent or buy Movies. Creating an account is free but remember it is managed and maintained by Microsoft and we can not assist with password recovery, etc.

Do I need to pay for apps?

Many apps are free, such as Pandora, CNN, etc. If there is a purchase cost, the price will be listed underneath the app icon otherwise it'll say Free..

How do I know if I already have that app installed?

If you see an app in the store and it is already installed, you will see the words Installed underneath the app's rating.


If you have no desire to use the Store, you can remove it from the start menu by unpinning it. The store however can not be uninstalled from Windows.

To Unpin the store, right click on the icon and then left click on Unpin.