Steps for advising and registration:

  1. Check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) for your registration schedule and for any bars you might have.
  2. Access your DocuSign advising form here.
  3. Check the course schedule for courses offered in the upcoming semester. Approved MS&E program courses will be posted on the TMI website.
  4. Discuss appropriate courses with your research supervisor and get their approval and signature on advising form.
  5. Graduate Coordinator will confirm student is on track with all program paperwork and timelines and then sign. 
  6. The Graduate Adviser must then final approve your proposed course list and sign your advising form.
  7. After your form has all four signatures, the Graduate Coordinator will lift your advising bar.

Students who have advanced to candidacy AND passed the preliminary oral exam are not required to complete advising unless they plan on taking additional courses. The graduate coordinator will “batch lift” these bars by a set date detailed in the registration email. If after this date your bar has not been lifted, contact the graduate coordinator. 

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