Registration can be done via the web here. You can check your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) for your registration dates and times. You will need to know the unique numbers (they are listed in the Course Schedule) of the courses for which you want to register—be sure these are correct! Do not register for any unapproved courses. If you need to change your courses from those agreed upon by your supervisor and the graduate advisor, you must contact both of them via email (be sure to copy the graduate coordinator) for approval. 

Pay your fee bill by the due date. If you do not, your registration will be canceled. You must still confirm your registration if the balance due is $0.00. Be sure you receive the message “your registration is complete” after you pay online or confirm your registration.

Even if a third party (like your supervisor) is paying your tuition, you must log in to “My Tuition Bill” to confirm your registration to prevent your classes from being dropped.

Course adds or drops can be done on the web through the 4th class day. The course schedule and your RIS will tell you when to add or drop a course. Remember that the graduate advisor must approve all changes to your schedule. Do not add/drop without talking to the graduate advisor.  After the 4th class day but before the 12th class day, it is possible to add/drop classes but requires considerable paperwork (see the graduate coordinator for details). After the 12th class day, add/drops are only allowed by the graduate school in extenuating circumstances. It is definitely best to finalize your course schedule BEFORE the 4th class day.

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