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What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is an automated proctoring software that works within your Google Chrome browser to monitor activity during exam/quizzes. It is integrated directly into Canvas' quizzes and offers a flexible service of ID Verification, computer lock down, secure browser settings, admin and faculty controls, content protection, recording of video, audio, and screen activity, and analytics.

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       Minimum System Requirements for Test Takers

       Minimum System Requirements for Instructors

       Enabling Proctorio for A Class (Repeated For Each Course) 

       Activating  Proctorio in Canvas (Test Takers & Instructors)

       Configuring  Proctorio for A Test (Instructors)

       Taking Exams/Quizzes that Uses Proctorio (Test Takers)

       Viewing Proctoring Results (Instructors)

       Using Proctorio For Handwritten Exams

       Technical Problems

       Helpful Resources

Minimum System Requirements for Test Takers:

  1. Updated Operating System- Windows 7+  or MacOS 10.11+ (smartphones or tablets will NOT work)
  2. 250 MB of free disk space and 2 GB of Free RAM 
  3. A current version of the Google Chrome browser. The Proctorio extension must be installed (see installation instructions below).  Students will be led through installing the extension while taking the quiz, but instructors will need to install it beforehand. 
  4. Upload Speed of 0.092 Mbps - 0.244 Mbps2 
  5. A webcam
  6. A microphone (usually part of the webcam).
  7. A quiet room to take the test
  8. If required, student ID

Minimum System Requirements for Instructors:

  1. A Windows or Mac computer (smartphones or tablets will NOT work)
  2. A current version of the Google Chrome browser. The Proctorio extension must be installed  (see installation instructions below).  Students will be led through installing the extension while taking the quiz, but instructors will need to install it beforehand. 
  3. High speed Internet connection 

You can learn more about technical requirements at **

Enabling Proctorio for Canvas Course (Instructors) 

**Note: This must be repeated for EACH canvas course)**

Each course must have Proctorio enabled before it is available for use in quizzes. 

  1. Go to Course Settings, select Navigation tab 
  2. Locate "Secure Exam Proctor(Protorio)" and move it to the top half of the screen, so the tool is visible. Click SAVE. 
  3. The button for "Secure Exam Proctor" may not appear in your navigation, but Proctorio options are now available in quiz settings. 

Activating  Proctorio in Canvas (Test Takers & Instructors)

Both student and teachers need to configure their computer in order for Proctorio to function. If students do not install the Proctorio Chrome Extension, they will not be able to take Canvas exams that require it. 

Proctorio only runs during the exam and directly in the Chrome browser, therefore no software is downloaded to your computer

  1.  Open Google Chrome (No other browser will work)
    • Users will need to open a current version of Google Chrome to create/take proctored exams. If you don't have Google Chrome, use the link to install the browser
  2.  Install Proctorio Chrome Extension
    • To use Proctorio, the user will need to install the extension into their Google Chrome browser. 
    •  In Google Chrome, navigate to your Canvas course and Select "Secure Exam Proctor" or "Proctorio" in the left navigation.
    •  Follow the prompts to install the Proctorio Chrome browser extension



    • When a user clicks on the provided link,, they will directed to another tab and asked to add the extension to their Google Chrome browser

    • In the upper right hand corner, there should be a notification box confirming the installment of Proctorio to Google Chrome 

    • The user should then close the tab and return to their course on Canvas. Once the user has refreshed the page, they should see a "success" message on the Proctorio page of their Canvas course. 


    • If Proctorio disappears from the Navigation, do not panic! This is another indication that the Chrome extension has been installed correctly. 

Configuring  Proctorio for A Test (Instructors)

**Proctorio doesn't require exams/quizzes to be scheduled in advance.** 

**Proctorio settings CANNOT be changed once you preview a quiz or have students or TAs take the quiz. 

 Reminder: You MUST use Google Chrome when using Proctorio. 

In your Canvas course

    1. Click on Quizzes in the left Navigation menu.
    2. Create a new quiz or select the quiz that you would like to use with Proctorio. 
    3. On the Details tab of your Quiz, check the Time Limit box & enter a time in minutes. Proctorio cannot be enabled on untimed quizzes. To add extra time for students with SSD accommodations, use the "Moderate this Quiz (Links to an external site.)" link after you Save & Publish the quiz.

    4. Scroll down to the Quiz Restrictions area.
    5. Select Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor 
        Once checked, Proctorio will auto-complete the Require an access code option. Do not change this access code.

      * Reminder, Proctorio requires a time limit for the quiz, if you have not already set one you will be prompted to upon trying to Save.  
    6. Allow students to skip questions and return to them later. Otherwise, if students lose their internet connection, they may not be able to get back in and finish the quiz.
    7. Scroll down to the Assign area. 
      1. In the Due Date field, enter the date/time the exam is due in Due Date. Anything submitted after that will be flagged late. 
      2. The Availability From/Until fields dictate when the exam opens and closes for students
    8. Click the link to the Proctorio Settings tab
    9. Under the Proctorio Settings tab, select the options that best fits your exam environment.  To enable or disable an option, click on the associated tile. Enabled Proctorio settings are light blue. Hovering over options will display tooltips at the bottom  and a "?" icon that links to additional information

        1. Proctorio Settings Options: 

          • Monitoring quiz activity - Record video and/or audio to make sure student is not receiving unacceptable help.


          • Browser lockdown - With the Lock Down Options, Instructors can control what students can or cannot do during the exam to increase security during test taking. 

          •  Selecting some options will suggest related options, display additional options or will auto-select others. 
              • Force Full Screen expands the exam to fill the student's entire screen. This will prevent access to other resources
              • Only One Screen will detect if your student has a second monitor plugged in. 
              • Selecting Disable New Tabs will display additional options. Choosing Tabs Allowed and In Quiz Links Only will disable "Force Full Screen".

                Option 1: Tabs Allowed: Students are permitted to open additional tabs within the Chrome browser.  This 

                Option 2: Disable New Tabs: Students cannot open additional tabs within the Chrome browser.

                Option 3: In Quiz Links Only: Students are permitted to access links provided by the instructor within the quiz.

              • Close Open Tabs forces students to exit out of any other Chrome tabs, other than the current one in your exam. 
              • Disable Printing prevents students from printing the exam
              • Disable Clipboard prevents students from copying text from the exam
              • Block Downloads prevents students from downloading files during exam, including the exam itself, and will automatically end the session
                **Students who are kicked out of the exam will not be able to resume their attempt if  Prevent Re-entry is NOT enabled**
              • Clear Cache
              • Disable Right Click prevents students from copy/paste text 
              • Prevent Re-entry controls when and if a student can get back into an exam once they are kicked out. 

                Option 1: Allow Re-entry permits students to re-enter the exam.

                Option 2: Re-entry with Agent authorizes Proctorio’s staff to allow students back into the exam.

                Option 3: No Re-entry denies re-entry of the exam regardless of the reason.

          • Verification (Pre-Exam Check) - Verify video, audio and/or desktop to ensure the webcam, microphone, desktop recording are working.  For ID verification, you can require the test taker to hold up their photo id to their webcam BEFORE beginning test taking.
          • Allowing In-Quiz Tools- Give test takers the option to use calculators and/or whiteboards to perform calculations or work out problems using a scratch pad on-screen

        1. Proctorio Behavior Options:

        2. Behavior settings allows you to set the weight of suspicious behavior using preset configurations 

        1. The severity of each metric sets the weight of a suspicious behavior in relation to the other behaviors. This can be changed at ANY TIME (even post-testing) which will result in a re-calculation of the suspiciousness of a Proctorio proctored exam. Green represents Low Suspicion, Yellow represents Medium Suspicion and Red represents High Suspicion

        1. Proctorio Settings Tips: 

          • If you are using Proctorio for more than one exam, use a saved profile to easily apply your favorite settings to quizzes. To do this, click Create New Profile at the bottom left of your exam's Proctorio Settings. 
          • If you are planning on having your students take an exam in a busy computer lab, it is suggested to disable the Verify Video or Verify Audio features.
          • Avoid enabling the "Record Room" feature.  With this setting activated, students will be asked at a random moment during the test to provide a panoramic view by moving their webcam. This can be distracting and time consuming since some monitors are not easily moved. 
          • Reminder, Proctorio saved settings CANNOT be changed once the quiz has been previewed or taken by you/students/TAs. If you are unfamiliar with Proctorio, please create a practice quiz first! 

    10. Scroll down and click Save if you are still planning on editing the quiz more or click Save & Publish if you would like your students to now see the quiz.  


Taking Exams/Quizzes that Uses Proctorio (Test Takers)

Once the Proctorio extension has been installed and configured, the student should now be able take the quiz/exam. 

Reminders:You MUST use Google Chrome.  It is suggested that test takers have AT LEAST 2GB of free RAM.  Tp free up RAM, close all apps beside Chrome before you take your Exam. Not doing so may result in exam failure.

In your Canvas course

    1. Click on Quizzes in the left Navigation menu.
    2. Select the Exam you are instructed to take. 
    3. After reviewing the exam instructions, click Take the Quiz button.

      If you do not have Proctorio Chrome Extension installed, you will see a red warning graphic in the quiz instructions section.
        1. Click where indicated on the graphic to continue.  
        2. A new tab will open (, click where indicated to install the extension

        3.  In a new tab in the Chrome Web Store will open with Proctorio displayed. Click Add to Chrome. 
        4.  Click Add-extension in the pop-window. 


        5. A confirmation window box will open indicating that the extension has been installed. You should now see a grey shield in your browser window. 

        6. Close any open tabs and return to the quiz. 
        7. Select Take the Quiz button to continue to Step 4.

    4. Proctorio will now become active and inform the test taker on what will be recorded and restricted during the exam. If your computer is not properly setup, a warning box will appear. To continue, you must resolve the issues.

    5. When available, Click  the "Start exam pre-checks" button
    6. Proctorio will run a System Diagnostics Test. The system check will verify that the test taker's physical location can be accessed, the microphone is working properly, the webcam is accessible and the computer hardware and connection are sufficient. 
      • If the instructor has enabled video and audio monitoring, Proctorio must be given permission to access webcam and microphone
      • **If setup difficulties occur, Proctorio will provide troubleshooting resources as seen in the image  below.      
    7. Depending on the exam setup, Proctorio will
      •  perform a webcam image check
      •  request ID verification
      •  perform a microphone levels test
      •  perform a room scan
    8. The last screen before entering the exam is the "Exam Agreement". Proctorio will ask to verify that the test taker is the person taking the exam. Click "I accept, begin exam now"


During the exam, Proctorio will capture a test taker's movements and send the video and other data to the instructor for review. Any activity that might not be allowed will be flagged and the instructor will decide if any action is necessary once the video and data has been reviewed. 

To avoid technical issues during the test, it is encouraged that the students complete a sample test with Proctorio before taking the real exam.

Viewing Proctoring Results (Instructors)

  1. To view the post-test results, open the proctored quiz and then select View Proctorio Gradebook near the top-right. (Proctorio Gradebook can also be accessed from a pulldown menu in the quiz column of Canvas Gradebook).
  2. Once the Proctorio Gradebook is loaded, all of the test takers attempts will be displayed and sorted by suspicion level. 
  3. To view the recording of a test taker, click on the column to display the video timeline.  Instructors can playback the recording of the webcam and screen as well as click along the timeline to jump to different points in the video. 

  4. Depending on the Proctorio exam settings, Instructors will be able to 
    1.  View Incident Report with flagged moments during test taking
    2.  Review Room Scan 
    3.  Provide Feedback At Specific Timestamps
    4.  Review Identification
    5.  Export Quiz Data

 The Behavior Settings (strictness level) can also be changed post-test in the "Proctorio Settings" tab at the top.



Using Proctorio For Handwritten Exams

Instructors can upload a scan of their paper-only test to Canvas and ask students to hand write their answers.  When done, the students can show their answers to their webcam and email a photo of their answer sheet. All of this will need to be done before the allotted exam time. 

To ensure students are not utilizing any resources, the instructor can enable the following Proctorio Settings options

  • Record Screen
  • Record Web Traffic
  • Record Room
  • Close Open Tabs (optional)

Do not enable the "disable new tabs" and "force full screen" features, if students will need to open their email to send themselves or the instructor a copy of their answer sheet. 

Technical Problems?

When it comes to troubleshooting, here a few general tips we recommend for test takers

  • 1. Click the "lock" icon in your web browser. Make sure you have allowed access to your webcam and microphone.  
  • 2. Check to make sure that you are working in Google Chrome and have the proper extension installed. 
  • 3. Re-install Proctorio extenstion to make sure it is up-to-date. 
    • Watch the two step process: 
    4. Close Canvas, reopen it and then reenter the quiz.
  • 5. Close and restart Chrome, log into your Canvas Course and re-enter the quiz. 
  • 6. Restart your computer

If problems still occur,  Proctorio offers 24/7 tech support to students via email, or phone at (480) 428-4089 or toll-free (866) 948-9248.

You can also use the "live chat" feature found under the shield icon. 


For more information on Proctorio, go to

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