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Introductions and Literature Overviews

  • Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite is a good introduction to research based teaching strategies and is available for free on Joe Redish's website.


The Physics Teacher

American Journal of Physics

Physical Review Special Topics - Physics Education Research

arXiv Education

Physics Education

Journal of Physics Teacher Education Online

Journal of College Science Teaching

Journal of Research in Science Teaching

Cognition and Instruction


Spring and Fall Texas Section APS/AAPT meetings always have sections on education. Education and education research is a bit more prevalent in the Spring meetings.

The APS March Meeting has sections on physics education research as well as interactions between physics/physicists and the wider public.

PhysTEC has an annual conference focusing on K-12 physics and physical science education.

AAPT has annual summer and winter conferences which are probably the largest conferences devoted to general physics education (the summer meeting being the bigger of the two).

PERC is an annual conference devoted to physics education research which generally follows the AAPT summer conference in the same location.

The UT Graduate School provides funding for students to attend professional conferences IF the student is presenting a poster or talk. The funding request form is available here. The form only lists "Transportation" costs but the student may list the total cost of registration, transportation and lodging in this section.

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